Sending data to CAS

Sending data to CAS is mostly done by sending messages to the ingestion API. This will allow you to create new customs shipments, extend the master data etc.

Asynchronous processing

Messages are processed in the background asynchronously. This means that the response code for success indicates the acceptance for processing, not that all validations are successful.

Feedback like status changes (invalid, released, ...) are communicated through web hooks (for machines) or email alerts (for humans)


Highly available, even during maintenance windows. However, maintenance windows will still slow down the processing of messages sent to CAS.

Ingestion API endpoints

By using the following endpoints you can send data to CAS. These endpoints will execute some basic checks like the format & the structure of the data in real time, however the processing will be executed asynchronously.

  • ArticleDataItem Create or update articles in the master data
  • BusinessPartners Create or update business partners in the master data.
  • CertificateOfOrigin Request a certificate of origin based on a declaration
  • CustomsShipment Create a customs shipment to start a customs flow.
  • Formula Create a formula in master data that describes production of goods used by some special procedures
  • MaterialList Create a material list of products in the master data used by some special procedures
  • MaterialListInvalidationRequest Sometimes a material lists need to be invalidated
  • Movement Used to ingest stock movements to keep logistics and customs stocks in sync within the special procedures module
  • Shipment Used to create a shipment which can be used as a source for creating customs shipments. Typically, used as a preparation for a flow of manual enrichment and validation