Declaration actions

Once a declaration is created, there are a number of actions that can be executed on the declaration. For example, it is possible to trigger the submission of a declaration to customs by executing the Submit action if the automatic submission is disabled in the customs flow step configuration.

For example, triggering the submit of a declaration can be done by the following API call


The most efficient way to retrieve the declarationId, the unique internal ID for a declaration which is needed to invoke any declaration action through the API, is through a web hook event as described in Notifications.

However, it is also possible to search for a declaration based on a number of criteria (e.g. your own reference for the customs shipment externalReference) by using the Search declarations endpoint.

More info can be found with the individual actions

Action Description
Goods Arrived Trigger presentation notification upon goods arrival for pre-lodge declarations. Declaration type will move from D to A
Invalidate Invalidate declaration from an allowed status by providing a reason for the invalidation.
Submit Submit a declaration to customs (only relevant when auto submit is not configured)
Validate Explicitly run the CAS validations
Generate SAD Trigger the single administrative document (SAD) PDF creation