Generic data models

CAS uses a generic data model for customer integrations. This means that a customer will use the same data model to describe a shipment for any country or customs system. However, some customs systems and flows can require additional data to be provided. To determine which data fields needs to be provided, please contact our support team.

Examples of our generic data models are

  • Customs shipment describes a transfer of goods
  • Declaration describes a specific declaration for a customs shipment
  • Master data describes all kinds of reference data like for example item details

Customs Shipment vs declarations

Be aware that 1 customs shipment can become multiple declarations depending on the configuration and the number of items. For example, a customs shipment that describes the movement of goods from one country to another can translate to both an import & export declaration with the corresponding countries.

id's in the models

Different id's are used in the models that allow to identify declarations and link it to the originating customs shipment.

ExternalReference & customsShipmentReference (synonyms) is your id for a customs shipment. It allows you to later on identify the shipment based on your own reference. The combination of an ExternalReference & direction (IN/OUT) uniquely identifies a customs shipment.

FunctionRefNum & LRN (synonyms) is a CAS generated unique id of a declaration.