Data types

Our APIs use consistent formats for common data types

We use the following ISO standards

Standard Description
ISO 8601 Date and time format
ISO 4217 Currency Codes and precision
ISO 3166 Country Codes

Some examples of common data types

Type Example Description
date 2015-09-08
Dates will be represented in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
timestamp 2015-09-08T03:55:28Z
CAS will only accept date time data type in UTC or Offset.
Will be represented in the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ or YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssĀ±[hh]:[mm]
money 123.455 n..20,4
Unless expressly documented differently, money may be represented up to a percision of 4 decimal places.
When calculations are performed in CAS which result in a monitary amount that needs to be rounded then bankers rounding will be used, also known as round to even.
currency EUR
country BE
numbers 12,345.67
The decimal separator, which is the symbol to mark the boundary in a number between the integral and fractional parts of a decimal number must be represented by a '.' Thousand separaters may be used and must be represented by a ','