AWBCreated event data

The customs returned data AWB created model is an object with following fields:

Property Cardinality Type Description
id 1x string A unique key that identifies the event
tenantId 1x string Tenant Id of the tenant for which this event applies
plantId 1x string Always empty for this event
eventTime 1x timestamp The exact time in UTC that the event occurred in CAS
eventType 1x string Type of the event. CustomsDataReturned for this event
eventSubType 1x string Subtype of the event. A list of possible event subtypes for this event can be found here.
data.databasePimaAddress 1x string Database PIMA Address
data.agentBadgePimaAddress 1x string Agent Badge PIMA Address
data.mawb 1x string MAWB
data.shedCode 1x string Shed code
data.numOfPackagesExpected 1x string Expected number of packages
data.numOfPackagesReceived 1x string Received number of packages
data.mucr 1x string MUCR/UCN


    "id": "434513a3-0305-4639-baf6-c85235b965b3",
    "tenantId": "yourTenantId",
    "plantId": "",
    "eventTime": "2017-06-26T18:41:00.9584103Z",
    "eventType": "CustomsDataReturned",
    "eventSubType": "AWBCreated",
    "data": {
        "databasePimaAddress ": "CUKSYS98COMMDB",
        "agentBadgePimaAddress ": "CUKFFW98000CFT",
        "mawb ": "50020000028",
        "shedCode": "LHRCFT",
        "numOfPackagesExpected ": "60",
        "numOfPackagesReceived": "60",
        "mucr": "HCFT50020000028",